Group Bookings

Sadly, we have had poor experiences with some, not all, of the groups that have stayed here with us. Although we want everyone here to have a great time here with us and the same opportunity and cannot have others ruin the stay of others.

Unfortunately we no longer accept bookings for rugby and football groups 

Please speak to management prior to booking as a group and we can discuss this with you. If you book individually but do not tell us you are a group i.e., if you fail to mention this when you book, we will notice you congregating and you will be asked to leave so it is in everyone’s best interest to discuss your booking first. We want to be hospitable, but cannot have other customers stays ruined. We may require the lead booker to provide a deposit as security in the event of any damage by any member of the group. This will be discussed when booking.

Groups must have a nominated person responsible for their conduct, this is usually the lead booker of a group and it is their responsibility to consult with the other members of the group to ensure that these terms and conditions are complied with. Please make sure that you have the names of all of the party to attach to our notes on the booking so that we have a name to each pitch.

Bookings for all groups, including large family or friend groups, must be notified to us and approved by us at the time of booking.

Group bookings may only be made by over the phone and cannot be made online.

You will be asked you to leave your accommodation and the site immediately (no refund will be given) if;

  • we consider that your or your party’s behaviour endangers the safety of other customers or staff
  • any complaints are made of anti-social or unacceptable behaviour against you or your party
  • you or your party cause an unreasonable amount of damage to the property/site or its content
  • noise is not kept to a minimum from 10.30pm – music must be turned off completely and no loud laughter or talking, this must be kept at a level that isn’t disturbing your neighbours

We do not allow groups of young adults, single sex group or hen/stag parties on site.

For Duke of Edinburgh groups please contact reception on 01792 687205