Zoo Lab Experience ~ Limited Spaces Available

Thu 25th April

Back by popular demand, the children thoroughly enjoyed the Zoo Lab experience last October half term, getting to hold the animals and listening to the story.

In each workshop that Zoo Lab provides, the children get to see and handle up to 7 animals, and the animals that Zoo Lab bring along generally include a Corn Snake, Tarantula, Scorpion, Giant Millipede, Tree Frog, Giant African Land Snail, Domesticated Rats and Hermit Crabs. Please note that there is no guarantee of any specific animal.

There are some animals that do not come out and are not allowed to be touched, the scorpion and tarantula are two of these animals this is due to the effect it could have on the animal and the stress it would endure.

The minimum age for this event is three.

This event will take place at Bank Farm between 11.00am and Midday in the blue room. We would ask that you arrive 15 minutes before to ensure that it starts promptly at 3.30pm.

Parents will be allowed into the event to supervise their children but are not permitted to handle any of the animals, this is to ensure that all the children get to hold the animals.

Photography will be allowed, we kindly ask that you only take photos of your own children.

Ticket sales will close the day before or when its fully booked.

Tickets are £5.50 per child.

Please contact us to book, payment will be required to book we would also need an email to send your confirmation to.


For more details on Zoo Lab you can visit their website ~ ZOOLABUK.COM